The Millennium Time Capsule ceremony began with the playing of the official Livermore song Livermore CA for the enthusiastic crowd assembled outside the entrance to the Livermore Library.

 Livermore CA
The Official Song of the City Of
Livermore, California

Melody and Lyrics by Steve King Stewart
Music by Byron Allred

Have you ever been to my hometown,
Livermore CA?
Have you ever seen her rolling hills, or
crossed her fertile plains?
How many of her people might cross
your path each day,
Working hard and living proud in
Livermore CA.

There's a certain kind. of magic that
happens every time
You watch the morning sunrise
through the dew drops on the vines.
With the help of Mother Nature and
the gift of Father Time,
You will taste the sunshine in our
Livermore Valley wine.

And I'm proud to say that Livermore,
California's where I live,
With family and friends and neighbors,
taking time enough to give.
A helping hand to anyone who needs
some love along the way,
I am taking pride in my hometown,
that's Livermore CA.

For those of you with children, there is
one thing you should know.
No better place to Settle down and
watch your children grow.
Every time I kiss my babies and I send
them out to play,
I thank my lucky stars that I'm from
Livermore, CA.

And we're flying high in the summertime
when the air show comes to town.
And don't you know that our rodeo is
the hottest thing around?
Well take a trip up to Del Valle, or
maybe downtown to the show.
There is always something going on,
wherever you care to go.

You can talk about your city lights and
brag about Your Style.
But we'd rather have the stars at night
and walk a country mile,
In the silver glow of moonlight, where
the air is fresh and sweet.
And you can keep your city life, and
your crowded city streets.

Now you may think it's foolish to carry
on this way ---
Who cares about ol' Livermore,
California, anyway?
Let me ask you one thing, friend, if this
is your hometown.
Why not stand up straight and tall and
sing it right out loud?

And be proud to say that Livermore,
California, is where you live.
With family and friends and neighbors,
taking time enough to give.
A helping hand to anyone who needs
some love along the way,
We're taking pride in our hometown,
that's Livermore CA.
We're taking pride in our hometown,
Livermore CA.

Produced by Steve King Stewart and Byron Allred
copyright 1991

Keyboards Byron Allred
Guitar Bill Garvin
Electric Violin Carlos Reyes
Percussion and Bass Byron Allred
Vocals Steve King Stewart

 Melody and Lyrics by ...

Livermore Songwriter Steve King Stewart has studied voice, acting and writing with some of the industry's best across the United States. He is a member of the National Academy of Songwriters based in Hollywood, Califomia, and is the only songwriter in American history that has written, produced, and recorded not one, but three officially recognized City anthems. His Work has been heard on radio, television, and profiled in major newspapers.

Music by ...

Byron Allred is one of the music industry's premier arrangers and keyboard virtuoso. As a Capitol records recording artist he is the co-recipient of several gold and platinum awards. Byron has cowritten with Steve King Stewart on Stewart's LP Prelude' and has created the music that accompanies the melody and lyrics of Steve King Stewart.

Recorded October-December 1991
Mastered to Digital Audio Tape
December 3,1991 in Martinez, California

March 26, 2000