Sandia Gives Livermore Time Capsule

Looking at Livermore's millennium time capsule Monday were (from left) Mayor Cathie Brown, Heritage Guild President Tim Sage, Sandia National Laboratories vice president Tom Hunter, and Lab Director Evgeny Avrorin of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center Chelyabinsk-70 in Snezhinsk, Russia.

A box labeled, "Do not open. Mayor Cathie Brown will open this box at 7 p.m.," was placed in front of the city council Monday night.

When opened, the contents were revealed to be a container to be used as a millennium time capsule by the city.

Sandia Laboratories vice president Tom Hunter presented the metal container to the city. He told the council, "It is the only container of its kind to be presented to a city in the U.S. It will add a special touch to the millennium."

The container was built by Sandia to send to Russia to be used to store radioactive parts from dismantled nuclear weapons. "I hope the city will include some

history of the national labs and their part in the important events leading up to the dismantling of nuclear weapons," Hunter said.

Two other guests were on hand for the presentation, Lab Director Evgeny Avrorin of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center Chelyabinsk-70 in Snezhinsk, Russia; and Tim Sage, Sandia employee and president of the Livermore Heritage Guild.

Snezhinsk is Livermore's sister city. Avrorin told the council he very much valued the good relations that have been established between the national laboratories and the two cities. He commented on Mayor Cathie Brown's recent visit to Snezhinsk, "It was very successful and very useful in terms of further development of

collaborations. Cooperation is a very serious endeavor. I hope to improve life in our cities and make life more interesting for our children." He invited Livermore students to visit Russia during the summer.

The time capsule will be at the Heritage Center in the Carnegie Building. The Heritage Guild has asked to have a role in selecting the contents.

Mayor Brown suggested holding an essay contest in the Livermore schools asking them what they want to see happen in a hundred years. She said the capsule should also contain a bottle of red wine, something representing the rodeo and photos of the city today. "This is going to be fun," she said.

February 10, 1999

March 15, 2000