Filesafe Presented to City Clerk

Barry Schrader isn't taking any chances, the Millennium Time Capsule will NOT get lost! The Centennial Time Capsule which took several weeks to locate in the spring of 1999 prompted Barry to provide the City with a Brink's filesafe containing vital information for finding the Capsule in in December, 2099. Here Barry is presenting the filesafe to its custodian, City Clerk Alice Calvert. It was Alice who eventually found the 25 year old directions that lead to the burial site of the Centennial Time Capsule. Click here to see the label attached to the filesafe that Alice is reading in the photo on the left.

The briefcase-sized filesafe contains a list of the capsule's contents, a map and GPS satellite coordinates for finding the capsule burial site, plus photo proof sheet and negatives. The City Clerk will be the custodian of the filesafe until December 2099 when Capsule is to be opened and its contents put on public display. A duplicate contents list and map are filed with International Time Capsule Society at Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia. As an added precaution, a bronze marker has also been placed in concrete over capsule.


March 15, 2000