50th Anniversary Celebration
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Time Capsule Contents
Buried September 18, 2002

Introductory items
1) Letter from LLNL Director Mike Anastasio to Lab employees in 2052
2) Time Capsule Committee letter, photo, and contents list, plus letter from Office of Classification and Export Control approving contents of Time Capsule for public release.

Laboratory Items
3) 50th Anniversary Lab history book "Fifty Years of Accomplishments"
4) Souvenirs from LLESA for 50th anniversary (mug, T-shirt, pin)
5) CD of LLNL 50 anniversary presentation and Timeline
6) 50th Anniversary Medallion
7) Special cachet cancellation on 50th anniversary envelope
8) LLNL Book "Fifty Years of Stories"
9) LLNL FY 2001 Annual Report
10) Maurie Louis interview, photos (She was selected at random to represent typical employee)
11) Organization charts for each directorate
12) LLNL site map
13) Large laminated aerial photo of LLNL and 4 other aerial prints
14) LLNL Institutional Plan for FY2002-2007
15) NNSA Strategic Plan 2002
16) Annual LLNL Environmental Summary Report for FY 2000
17) LLNL Site Development Sourcebook & CD version
18) LLNL "Contributing to a Better Community" report for 2002
19) Set of S&TR issues for January through October of 2002
20) Lab 2002-2003 Phone Directories & first Lab phonebook from September 1952
21) Annual LLNL employees salary list for FY'02
22) UC FY01 Self-Assessment and Rating for LLNL
23) Partnership for Performance booklet, September 2001
24) HOME campaign booklet, cap and T-shirt
25) Four special issues of Newsline about the anniversary
26) Scale model of Brilliant Pebble, duplicate of one presented to former President Bush, with 9/01/02 news article from Herald and earlier description of program
27) Soil and water samples from LLNL main site
28) Soil and water samples from Site 300
29) Industrial Partnership Report for 2001
30) Physics & Advanced Technologies 2001 Annual Report
31) Laboratory Services 50 years history book
32) CD of Clementine in Cyberspace
33) Space Action team group photo and org chart
34) Laboratory Directed Research & Development (LDRD) annual report
35) Package of materials from National Ignition Facility. Includes slightly enriched uranium nuggets imbedded in lucite from AVLIS, NIF-scale hohlraum, non-ignition target sample, lens duct sample, SiMM diode array package, multilayer mirror sample, NIG glass sample, small KDP crystal sample, core sample from MRF fused silica test article
36) Facts & Figures 2002 from Chemistry & Materials Science Directorate
37) FY01 CFO Annual Report and related documents
38) LLNL Computation Directorate Self Assessment on Disk, ASCI White factsheet, Terascale overview disk
39) Amsinckia Gradiflora nutlets from Site 300
40) Piece of repository host rock from Yucca Mountain, NV & one page summary of LLNL role
41) History & Reflections of Engineering book
42) Genetic map of Chromosome 19 & Mouse Comparison, plus sample vial of custom mouse cDNA microarray
43) Sample of Aerogel in vial and two-page description
44) NAI package, including HANAA and factsheet, booklet of S&TR articles about NAI from 1995-2000, Affimetrix gene chip, Valley Times paper on Homeland Security and the Lab's role.
45) Special 2002 50th anniversary calendar published for all Lab employees

Local Community items
46) Livermore city map
47) Livermore Chamber Directory for 2002
48) Livermore Vision Project final report, January 2002
49) City of Livermore newsletters for Winter & Spring 2002
50) Pleasanton city map
51) Pleas anton Chamber of Commerce 2002 Directory
52) Tracy Chamber Directory and map for 2002
53) Tn-Valley Visitors Guide for 2002
54) Arts & Entertainment guide, Wineries issue from Livermore Independent
55) Pin from 2002 Tn-Valley Science & Engineering Fair
56) Tn-Valley Herald 2002 Almanac and 9/15/02 tabloid section on Lab's anniversary
57) California Primary Voter Guide for March 5 and Nov. 5, 2002 election guide

Miscellaneous including late entries on 50th Anniversary
58) Popular Science Sept. 2002 issue on Technology versus Terror
59) Popular Mechanics 100th anniversary issue March 2002
60) Time Person of the Year Rudy Giuliani issue January 7, 2002
61) Dosimeter with ISM card attached
62) Two patches from UC Protective Service Officer's uniform
63) Safeguards & Security padlock and seal replica
64) Motorola digital cellphone from LLNL employee
65) Motorola pager from LLNL employee
66) Sample employee badge (from Bruce Tarter)
67) CD of a virtual Visitors Center tour (now renamed Discovery Center)
68) Copy of LLNL 40th anniversary book from 1992
69) Edward Teller's Memoirs book (autographed copy)
70) 2002 Calendar of Students' Resource Conservation Posters
71) Science Fair Art Contest winning entries
72) Bottle of 1988 Fenestra wine tested by Environmental Protection Department (for tritium content)
73) Bottle of Cedar Mountain Cabernet Royale, same as that served at Blackhawk LLNL 50th gala
74) LLESA Fitnotes for January 2002
75) Literature from the LLNL 7/10/02 Sitewide EIS scoping meeting, briefing materials, and handouts from Tn-Valley CAREs
76) Real estate booklets (2) showing housing values, selection for East Bay
77) CD of all news clips about LLNL in 2002 up to Sept. 1.
78) Set of coins for LLNL employee's (Tara Carreira) baby Gavin Ian Carreira born closest to Sept. 2, 2002 and baby's birth certificate so coins can be reclaimed by Gavin in 50 years when capsule is opened
79) Autographed photo from Astronaut Sen. John Glenn who participated in Time Capsule ceremony and CSGR Futures Project CD with viewgraph printouts
80) Membership lists and set of minutes of 50th Anniversary committee and Family Days committee
81) Agenda for Community Leaders Day 9/18/02 and for Time Capsule/Historic Marker ceremony
82) NIFFY T-shirt
83) Laptop Powerbook G4 computer with CD/DVD drive (use to read disks included in capsule)
84) Four art display winners from Family Days 2002, children of people in B111
85) DVD of Former Directors Panel during 50th Anniversary Events Week
86) DVD of Speakers & 50th Anniversary presentations during 50th anniversary
87) DVD of Time Capsule and Site Historical Marker ceremony on Sept. 18, 2002

NOTE: Content list was submitted to International Time Capsule Society with GPS coordinates of burial site at Historical Marker east of Discovery Center. Capsule was buried Sept. 18, 2002 and will be opened in 50 years - 2052.

November 16, 2004