Friday, January 14, 2000

 Livermore Citizens Bury Time Capsules

On Friday, January 14 in the year 2000 citizens of Livermore buried two time capsules at ceremonies held in the downtown area. Festivities began at noon in front of the City Library and culminated in the placement of the Livermore Millennium Time Capsule in its burial spot near the DeAnza monument between the Library and City Hall. Then the Livermore Centennial Time Capsule, which gained national media attention in 1999, was transported from the Millennium ceremony to Portola Park on the Livermore Heritage Guild's 1944 Mack fire truck. After a brief ceremony, it, too, was placed into its burial position for a future generation to uncover.

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Millennium Time Capsule Centennial Time Capsule 

Sandia donates Time Capsule Centennial Celebration Committees - 1969
Heavy-duty container Time Capsule Sealed - April 1974
Time Capsule Committee Plans to unearth Time Capsule - May 1999
Signing the Capsule Time capsule missing!
Official song -- "Livermore CA."
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Greetings and introductions Capsule Contents
Capsule Contents Ceremony and Plaque
Student Essay Contest
1999 Livermore Babies
100 year old Livermore resident Laboratory Time Capsules 
Burial of Millennium Time Capsule
Filesafe for City Clerk Sandia Time Capsule (1999) 
On to the Centennial Ceremony LLNL Time Capsule (2002) 




March 26, 2000
Updated: November 15, 2004