Contents of Livermore's
1969 Centennial Time Capsule
(Originally Buried in 1974,
Reburied Jan. 14, 2000)

1. Two 25 cent centennial wooden tokens
2. One blue felt vest with city centennial seal
3. One artist's drawing of Livermore area in 1889
4. Roster of Livermore Centennial year committees (very faded so retyped on archival paper in 1999)
5. Roster of Livermore city officials in 1969
6. Centennial Sentinel, Volume 1, No. 1 for May 1969
7. Colored Centennial Committee letterhead (with coffee stains)
8. One deflated centennial balloon
9. Vintage Century centennial vest pin
10. Centennial Air Show poster
11. Livermore Centennial Parade program
12. Sing Out Livermore concert program, "Up with People" show
13. Vintage Century centennial wine promotional announcement
14. Copy of Centennial Rag sheet music, by Don Miller
15. Two centennial bumper strips
16. Pottery centennial beer stein
17. Vintage Century souvenir medal
18. The book "Suburbia" by Bill Owens (Independent newspaper photog)
19. 1970 Chamber map of Livermore
20. Photo of capsule closing at city hall, 2250 First St., on April 17, 1974
21. 14 photos of Centennial year events taken by T.E. Ed Peiffer
22. Bottle of Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon (Numbered 20160)
23. Bottle of Wente Bros. Pinot Chardonnay white wine
(bottle emptied of foul wine in 1999 and put back empty with new cork)
24. Tri-Valley Herald issue dated April 23, 1974
(Announcing railroad relocation underpass project)
25. Removed from time capsule was broken glass beer stein (two bags of desiccant were inserted in its place)

Added to capsule upon reburial in 2000 were
26. Letter from President Nixon congratulating city on its Centennial which had been left out of capsule
27. News clippings from June 1999 about finding lost capsule
28. Original list of contents and memo from public works telling where the capsule was buried under the back ledge of the Totem Pole.

NOTE: When the capsule was reburied January 14, 2000 next to the Robert Livermore state historic marker on Portola Avenue, five people who had been part of the Centennial in 1969 and helped fill the capsule in 1974 were present. They included 1969 Mayor Gib Marguth, photographer Ed and Olga Peiffer, vintner Jim Concannon, and Barry Schrader.

April 2, 2000