Babies Born in 1999

Twelve families responded to the City Millennium Time Capsule Committee's invitation to bring their 1999 year babies to witness the capsule burial January 14. It is the hope of the committee that some of them may be around in 2099 when the capsule is unearthed.

The last baby born of Livermore parents to attend won the $100 US savings bond and that was Caitlin Elizabeth Claytor, born Dec. 29 at 8:25 pm to Tony and Kathryn Claytor. A close second was Sarah Elizabeth McNeil, born Dec. 29 at 6:34 a.m. to parents Ken and Shannon McNeill.

1999 Babies at Ceremony Birthday Parents

Charlotte Helkena Miranda Jan. 10 Paula Flessatti and Raymond Miranda
Maxwell Brady Koning March 20 Joseph and Patricia Koning
Joshua Edweard Murray May 25 Matthew and Annette Murray
Mallory Merideth Jones July 12 Don and Stacey Jones
Natalie Elaine Carey Sept. 9 Duane and Mindy Carey
Brent Michael Dillard and
Josie Louise Dillard (twins)
Sept. 11 Cronus and Susie Dillard
Jordan Emily Kendall Dec. 4 Dale and Katy Kendall
Isaiah Thomas Lopez Dec. 26 Larry and Cricket Lopez
Mayson Elizabeth Bothwell Dec. 27 Don and Zandi Bothwell
Sarah Elizabeth McNeil Dec. 29 at 6:34 a.m. Ken and Shannon McNeill
Caitlin Elizabeth Claytor Dec. 29 at 8:25 pm Tony and Kathryn Claytor

  Mayor Cathie Brown presented special certificates of participation to each baby present. The certificates can be passed down in each family to descendants to show at the capsule opening if the baby's themselves aren't around then.