Main Street, Livermore, Calif.
(Mailed - July 26, 1908)


















The Depot, Livermore, Calif.
(Mailed - July 26, 1908)


















First Street, Livermore
(Mailed - July 30, 1911)

















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Aeroplane View, Livermore, Cal.
(Unmailed - circa 1910))


















Hydropathic Sanitarium, Livermore, California
(Mailed - 1912)


Livermore Sanitarium, Livermore, Calif.
(Mailed - March 26, 1937)
































Livermore Public Library, Livermore, Cal.
(Unmailed - circa 1915)

This Carnegie Library was built in 1915. and served as Livermore's Library until 1961 when the Library was move to more spacious quarters. Today the building houses the Livermore History Center and the Livermore Arts Association.


Historic Carnegie Library
(Unmailed - circa 1965)

Famous landmark and centerpiece of Carnegie Park in downtown Livermore, CA.

















The Mines Road, Livermore, California
(Mailed June 10, 1919)

















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First Street, Livermore, Calif.
(Mailed - November 29, 1932)
















Livermore Grammar School, Livermore, CAL
(Unmailed - Dated Jan 22, 1936)

















U.S. Veterans Hospital, Livermore, Cal.
(Mailed - December 13, 1940)


















U.S.V.A. Hospitral - Livermore, Calif.
(Unmailed - circa 1940)


















U.S.V.A. Hospital, Livermore, Calif.
(Unmailed - circa 1940)


















John Tubbs on Sad Sam, Livermore '43
(Unmailed - 1943)


















California Zephyr

Only a year old, the country's most famous train, the California Zephyr is westbound in the Altamont Pass east of Livermore, Calif. It's an hour east of Oakland, its destination, April 22, 1950. The CZ train No. 17 provided luxury travel between Chicago to California with sleepers, dome cars, full diners and coaches for two decades.

















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Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
(Unmailed - circa 1970)

Situated in Alameda County near Livermore, California.
















Glow Longer in Livermore
Livermore, California

Centennial for World's Longest Burning Bulb
Livermore California is home to the longest continuously burning lightbulb, which has been aglow in the local firehouse (now Station #6 at 4550 East Ave.) since 1901. The slogan on the front of this card is a takeoff on the motto adopted by the Livermore Chamber in 1924 -- "Live Longer in Livermore."