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The goal of the Livermore Heritage Guild is expressed by its motto, "Help save yesterday for tomorrow."
The web sites listed on this page "link" to Livermore's past.

Historic Livermore Photos!
1. Historic

View over 200 historic Livermore photos, many from the LHG photo collection. Site contains photos dating back to the late 1800s along with related historical information. Enjoy your visit!

Recent Livermore Photos!
2. Recent

Many recent Livermore photographs with detailed commentary. Great site to visit!


 Centennial Light Bulb
Burning Since 1901!

 Visit Livermore's
Centennial Light Bulb Web Sites

1. Official Light Bulb Web Site

Read about Livermore's Centennial Light Bulb
and party celebrating 100 years of light.

2. The Shelby (Ohio) Museum Of History

Read about The Shelby Electric Company,
maker of Livermore's Centennial Light Bulb.
Find out more about Shelby light bulbs.



Livermore Photos

1. Historical Livermore Photos -- at
2. Recent Livermore Area Photos -- at
3. The Livermore Class Picture Archive -- Photos dating back to 1940's
4. Recent Livermore Photos -- Great set of photos - Select "Photos of Sites and Landmarks"

Livermore History:

Bricks - (1910 - 1949)

1. Livermore Bricks
2. Star Bricks

Church History

1. Asbury Methodist Church
2. First Presbyterian Church - Organ History
3. Tinity Baptist Church

Centennial Light Bulb

1. Official Light Bulb Web Site
2. The Shelby (Ohio) Museum Of History

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

1. Computer History - History of large scale scientific computing at LLNL

Lincoln Highway

1. Lincoln Highway - America's Main Street (1915-1925)


1. Livermore Rodeo
2. Livermore Rodeo History

Sandia National Laboratory

1. Sandia National Laboratory - Livermore & Albuqurque


1. Troop 939 - Boy Scouts


1. The Flying Particles - Flying Club

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