Until 1875 the townspeople in Laddsville enjoyed bull fights on Sundays. On occasion, a bear was pitted against a bull, or a dog was set upon a badger that was given refuge in a barrel. "This was an amusing contest and often lasted for hours". ....... In the early 1880's the Livermore Herald offered flats of blue gum seedlings to grow as firewood. Up to this time, firewood had to be hauled 10 to 15 miles from the hills. ....... Probably the first moving picture ever seen in Livermore was on June 1, 1897 when Thomas Edison's "projectoscope" was shown at the Farmers' Union theatre. .... 4/21/99

The first two automobiles in Livermore were purchased in 1902. Both were one-cylinder cars. Dr. W.S.Taylor had a Haynes-Apperson, and H. R. Crane an Oldsmobile. ...... And speaking of cars, not until 1928 did the City buy the first automobile for the local police department. It was Shank's Mare up to then. ....... By the 1850's, the herds of Tule Elk that inhabited Livermore Valley were shrinking rapidly because large-scale farming was plowing up their grazing lands. .... 2/19/99

The candor of the editor of the Livermore Echo was nowhere more evident when, in July, 1906, he noted in his paper "Nothing Doing - not one forthcoming event to publicize." .......The weather report is mixed-bag reporting: in 1884, high winds knocked a Northern Addition house off its foundation and tore the roof off the kitchen. But that had happened before in 1871when high winds blew down the framing of the Presbyterian Church, then under construction. ....... One hundred years ago, the Town Trustees gave the public librarian a raise: now she made $25 per month. ....11/15/98

In 1885, the Board of Trustees was successfully petitioned NOT to prohibit bicycle riding on town streets just because it frightened horses......Herbert Lee, the LHS principal coined the slogan "Live Longer in Livermore" in 1924. It was immediately adopted by the local Chamber of Commerce. The local wags claimed you really didn't live longer here; time just seemed to drag on......It was not until May, 1956 that PacBell converted Livermore over to dial telephones. The first prefix here was Hilltop 7. .... 7/98




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