Guestbook Entries Before March 1, 1999

Ah, the old library! I spent hot summer afternoons in its cool rooms, especially down in the children's section. Does anyone else remember Mrs. Quarterman, the wonderful children's librarian? The stately palms of L Street. Driving out to the Veterans Hospital on Arroyo Road just to see the view. Watching the dam rise across the canyon. Driving in the winter up Mines Road to try to find some snow to touch and maybe bring back home. I hope to make it back for the first time in years for the LHS Class of '69 30th Reunion on Aug. 14th. See you there? P.S. Thanks, Barbara Carothers, for telling me about the LHG website. I'll be back to visit it again.
Glenn Wilhite <>
Basehor, CCA -
Was a pleasure browsing through your web page. My husband was born and raised in Livermore as was his father, grandparents, and great grandparents. Their ranch was located on Greenville Road. Jeff and I both attended Livermore High School, class of '6 8 and '69. Was great fun remembering! Thank you!
Penny Williams Baxter <>
Oakland, OR USA -
Wow! What a neat web-site. I consider myself from Livermore. My family lived there from 1981-1991. But my family moved to Florida for my dad's job. But it was real heart warming to see the town I spent my childhood in right in front of me on the computer. Keep up the good work. P.S Both my brother and sister graduated from Granada (Nicole and Richie Miller) and I went to Smith school and Mendenhall Right now I am studying at the University of Florida with hopes to soon visit Livermore again. My sister is living with her husband in San Francisco so there's no excuse.
Meghan Miller <>
Gainesville, Fl USA -
Wow to travel thru time and space to home again. I graduated from Granada in 1982 and have only been home once since then. The military carried me away to Minot ND and here I still am. I am looking for web sight for the Public Library. Any help out t here.
Laurie Loghry(Hafer) <>
Minot, ND USA -
My maiden name was Livermore. It is exciting to find so much information on this name.
Denise Kilbourn <>
Llandudno, United Kingdom -
Class of 1952 LHS. After all these years, I still call Livermore home! Mom, Frances Faria, worked at Cresta Blanca Winery for 26yrs.Step-dad,Ernest Faria, retired at Lawrence Radiation. My father, Earl Hughes, worked at the VA Hospital,and was also a very good furniture repair man.After I graduated, I married a young soldier stationed at Camp Parks.46 years later, we have 4 children & 12 grand children. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers mom,dads or me. Sincerel y, Sylvia Hughes [maiden name]
Sylvia Hughes <>
I was very excited to find this info on Livermore, CA. I was born in Livermore in 1960 and gradutated high school from LHS in 1979. My parents still live there and it is always a joy to come home and visit. Livermore is my home. I am proud to say I am from there. If anybody knows of the class of '79 reunion, please let me know. Loved visiting the site. More pictures please!
Steven R. Facer <>
Long Beac, CA USA -
Oops! I typed the state entry incorrectly when I wrote to the guestbook. It should read "CA" *not* "AC"!
Fred Urrutia <>
Livermore, CA USA -
We moved from the Bronx to Livermore in 1989 when I accepted a transfer within LSI Logic Corp. Somewhat of a cultural change! (In spite of its reputation, the Bronx is rife with its own respectable history, which we explored while living there.) We and our five children really love it here, it's a nice town for families. I spent time in the local library and heritage guild learning a bit about Livermore history. Another guestbook signer (from England) suggests "walk about" tours. I'd like to also suggest a road tour that could be printed out and used to drive around Livermore and the surrounding hills. The map could contain numbers on it corresponding to descript ions of sights and historical events. I would be glad to help construct such a guide. Email me from the guild if you need volunteers. (12/25/98)
Fred Urrutia <>
Livermore, AC USA -
I have always been proud of the Livermore name and heritage. There is a great history behind it.
Joshua William Livermore <>
Bullhead city, az usa -
I grew up in Livermore, and my parents still live there. My father rents the water tower house next to the Duarte garage from the Heritage Guild, and it's a cool place. Make the site bigger with more pictures.
Eric Hudson <>
Citrus Heights, CA 95610 -
Yes, my last name really is Livermore. I am trying to do a family tree, but I keep running into walls. I don't know a whole lot about my family, save for my father's name. Harold Ross Livermore. If anyone out there has any ideas for me, please email me.
Corey Livermore <>
Green Bay, WI USA -
I agree with Marc Chapuis; Livermore is IT - the place to be. What am I doing here? Need to book the first flight. Alas! Won't be before yr 2000. Gary - looking forward to getting deep, deep into your many books/works on the Livermore history. Merry X- mas to the Guild, especially the wonderful A & G.
Ervin Hansen <>
Stenloese, DK Denmark -
My Mom, Alma Hughes, graduated from Livermore H.S around 1951. Milt and Helen Hughes were my grandparents and owned Hughes Draperies in the 60's and 70's. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew them.
Mike Klis <>
San Jose, Ca -
i was raised in livermore from 1964 to 1984; graduated granada high in 1979; moved to georgia in 1986; it was quite enjoyable to visit.
mark s. jansson <msjansson>
duluth, ga gwinnett -
The more I travel the more I become convinced that Livermore is the best place on earth. Let's not take this treasure for granted! Thanks to the heritage for protecting the rich history of our area. I look forward to joining it and moving back home.
Marc Chapuis <>
Culver City, CA -
Thank you very much for the work you put into this site. I am a graduate of LHS and it's nice to visit, if only via modem. Thanks again
Christopher Byrne <Byrne30@atc-enviro,com>
St. Louis, MO -
Thanks for the pictures of a California town. I grew up in Coalinga, CA but live in MA. now. Nice to see the Western style homes.
Lolly Wigall <>
Lawrence, MA USA -
Nice site, very interesting photos. Always good to see folks interesting in saving historical sites rather than "razing" them. Keep up the good works.
Robin O'Donnell <>
Berkeley, CA Alameda -
Dear Gary Drummond, what a lovely surprise to find a web site for Livermore, CA. Can you tell me if the Heritage Guild still plans to publish a book on Societies found in our area ? Sue Overturf
Sue Overturf <>
Livermore, CA USA -
Just stopped to say Hello to an old friend. I lived in Livermore from 1980- 1996. I now live in Paris,TX., and just wanted to say " Go See Livermore, You won`t regret it!!
Dave Zetterholm <>
Enjoyed visiting your page. And especially enjoyed reading the guestbook comments (searching for familiar names). I grew up in Livermore & am a 1971 Granada High Grad ... many family ties in the area. Just finished up 24yrs in the USN and now live in San Diego (married to Jeri - maiden name = Sveen). Look forward to my next visit! And ... while I'm at it, HELLO to all my family & old friends there!!
Gary Holm <>
San Diego, CA -
Very nice site, but I must admit, I am left with curiosity as to what has happened to the Livermore family? My husband is from a different branch of the family, his ancestor John came over from England in the early 1600's.
Denise Livermore <>
Miami, FL USA -
I Had a Pleasent Time for the past Couple of Hours in Browsing this site and Enjoyed . now it is making me to search a job in livermore and enjoy the site in LIVE. if possible update the site with some photographs. T V PHANI KUMAR , Vijayawada,AP,INDIA 10 SEP 1998 17:03::02 IST
Love the additions. Keep up the good work. Need to add something about the first Livermore citizens, and not only concentrate on the last 100 yrs. All the best. Happy 6 0, A!
Ervin Hansen - The Great Dane <>
Stenloese, Denmark -
I haven't lived in Livermore since July, 1973 when I graduated from Livermore High. I had military obligations then, and have since retired. My sister still lives there and enjoys it immensely. Some of my old friends still live in Livermore. May be one day me and my family will come back for a visit, hopefully to stay.
Dennis L. Jaramillo <>
Albuquerque, NNM -
I haven't lived in Livermore since July, 1973 when I graduated from Livermore High. I had military obligations then, and have since retired. My sister still lives there and enjoys it immensely. Some of my old friends still live in Livermore. May be one day me and my family will come back for a visit, hopefully to stay.
Dennis L. Jaramillo <>
Albuquerque, NNM -
It was good to visit Livermore again. It has changed since 1987, but still retains the "small town America" flavor so many cities and towns miss, or have lost to development. Most of the rural places my brother and I used to go to are still there. Do you have any history on the Altamont speedway and of the concert? I remember December 1969. Thanks for your great web site.
Steve <>
Glendale, AZ USA -
I moved to Livermore a year ago, from Cheshire in England, on a three year working contract. I enjoy the town and am pleased to find that it has a heritage guild. I wonder if the guild conducts walk-about tours telling of landmarks? On a summer's afte rnoon it would be nice. My neighbours are Livermore-ians but do not seem familiar with, or interested in their history. I was brought up playing around tudor houses and on saxon bridal stones, and have been taught to enjoy, maintain and continue using old things. Here, people want what's new and easily disposable - its more convenient, I suppose. I look forward to joining the Guild and learning about the town.
Helena Mountford <>
Livermore, CA USA -
What a wonderful, nostalgic visit! I'm an alumni of Granada and don't get back nearly as much as I would like.
Becky <>
Dallas, TX -
I doing a report for my history class and this information is very helpful to me..Thank You..
Teresa <>
Pleasanton, ca -
Hi. I just wanted to comment on this site saying that it's nice to see such a nice city featured on the net. I grew up there in Livermore and I like finding pictures of the city to show my friends where I grew up. Thanks for such a nice fea>

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Los Angeles, CA -

Livermore is a new place for me. I had a call the other evening for some information on trees which I do have a background in. The call was from a person from Livermore Public Library and I was to send my message to a person by the name of Anna. I sent my message and it was returned as I must have had the address wrong. Upon searching the internet to see if I could find there address, all that I found was yours. If this is the same library please let me know and I will forward the info that I have for you. If you know of this Livermore Public Library as different from yours and have any information I will appreciate your letting me know. Thanks for any info in advance and you have a very interesting home page. Now I have to go and find out where in California Livermore is located. Ellis
Ellis N Allen <>
Mashpee, MA USA -
Keep up the good working adding information about the unique history here in Livermore. One item I would love to hear more about is Jack London's childhood in Livermore. Also the history of our totum pole and other unique items here in town.
Greg & Michelle Thompson <>
Livermore, CA USA -
I enjoyed the slide show. I've wondered about the Duarte Garage. Now I know. I had just recently learned that Livermore had a Carnegie Hall. It was informative to read the origin of it, too. Also, the Railroad Station was a landmark I had wondered about. It looks as if it's still functional. Thank you for enlightening me!
Jill Thompson
We lived in Livermore for 3 years and without a doubt it has been our favorite place. We love the people of Livermore and would like to return some day. Great web page keep up the good work
Bruce Lora Hambell <>
Oyster Bay, NY USA -
My Great Grandparents and grandfather were Livermore Pioneers. Thomas Copeland Margaret Langton Copeland And Frank Copeland. Great uncles Warren Copeland, Truman Copeland & Otis Copeland . Copeland & Sons Blacksmith Shop on Tesla Road just past The Concannon Winery.
James F. Kearns Copeland Line <>
Winnemucca, NV USA -
Who am I? Where am I? How'd I get here?
Jerry Bireley <>
Livermore, Ca -
I miss my hometown. The pics & text help me share our heritage with my daughter. We are decendants of these early Livermore families (late 1700's to present): Stewart, Hansen, McKelvy, Bell, Armstrong. From Ireland & Denmark. See the Newton booklet on Armstrongs of Collier County. Love to hear from other families.
Peggy Stewart <>
Carefree, AZ USA -
I really enjoyed the local Gold Rush historical talk by Gary Dryummond at the Las Positas College History of the Goldrush lecture class. Hope he puts it into the book you are publishing on the Gold Rush era. "Big Mike"
Mike Pompileo
Carnegie/Tesla, CA -
Nicely done!!! However, it needs more pictures for the slide show. Don't forget to mention all of the wonderful wineries we have in the area. Great for those who like to taste, but don't want to have to drive to Napa to do it!!!
Patrick Crossett
Livermore, CA -
Excellent Slide Show Thank You.
Gary Schultz <>
Davenport, WA U.S.A. -
Excellent Slide Show Thank You.
Gary Schultz <>
Davenport, WA U.S.A. -
Great Slide Show !!!, I Was Raised In Livermore for part of my Life, I Was There For A Short Time 1968-1980 Lived on 1472 Arlington Road . I Get Back There 3 To 4 Times A Year To See Friend's And To See LIVERMORE. I Live In DAVENPORT WASHINGTON A Smal l Town Of 1,600 People, Again Thank You For Pics
Gary Schultz <>
Davenport, WA U.S.A -
Enjoyed all of the new comments from out of towners on the LHG web site. I agree it is great! One of the comments were that they would like to see Ravenswood on the site. That is a great idea!
Wilma <>
livermore, CA USA -
Thanks for the effort you've put into a site about Livermore.
Rebecca Bartoli <>
San Francisco, CA -
Need more pictures to the slide show. I can't get enough. Seems that I recognize the touch and the artist's hand (the drawing of First Stret)! My best to The Guild, and the warm friendship. Hi A and G!
Ervin Hansen <>
Stenloese, Denmark -
Have a Good Time for You!!
Gwangbin IM <>
Seoul, K South Korea -
Having been born and raised in Livermore, it's nice to have your web site to take me " back home " every now and then. Keep up the good work.
Tim Williams <>
Coventry, RI -
I am a student at Livermore High School and I'm currently engaged in a research paper on the city during 1926-50,I have found your site usefull and enjoyed the show. I have also visited the guild in person and I encourage anyone planning on visiting or researching the city to check it out its rather interesting. thanks much, Matt Helms.
matt helms
livermore, ca u.s. -
Gary, I know we have discussed this in the past but if I remember correctly the Duarte Garage (the first picture in your slide show) used to be in Joesville. Am I right? And, of course, old hiway 50 went right by the place. You and your cohorts are doing a fine job with the heritage of the Livermore area and you are certainly to be congratulated. We hope to see you again one of these days. George & Jo
George Van <>
Lusby, MD USA -
You folks have done a nice job! I have emails from Rachel Gulliver-Dunne looking for information on early Livermore families including Morrill and Seeband. Can anyone help her? If so email Thanks.
Richard Finn <>
Livermore, -
Nice site, clean graphics, Some pics hard to see. Overall B+
Craig A. King <>
Walnut Creek, Ca USA -
Looking for Information/relatives of my father: Simon U. Martinez, born: February 18, 1924, died 1964, Livermore Veterans Hospital, CA - parents seperated while I was still very young. I believe I may I have half brothers/sisters in Livermore. If anyone Reading this can help provide informant, please send me an EMail.
Alfred Martinez <>
Los Angeles, CA 90012 -
Enjoyed the site. I was born in Livermore in 37. Our family has been in the Valley since 1872. Was back briefly last summer. My old house by the tracks is boarded up and about to be torn down.(1130 Oak st) I would appreciate some literature on the Live rmore Heritage Guild.
Roland B. Oxsen <>
Port Angeles, Wa U.S.A. -
Im glad to see the Livermore Heritage Guild has a presence on the web. I will return often for news and info on the history of Livermore and my own heritage.William Mendenhall, The founder of Livermore, was my Great-Great Grandfather. I just became a member of the Guild because I found this site. Thank you,
Gregg Emory <>
Pacheco, Ca -
i enjoyed your friendly webpage. i remember visiting your town when i was a child. my father tried to cash a check at a local bank. the bank thought it was fake because his name was livermore. we still laugh about it. i would love to learn more about the man the town was named after.
nancy livermore marsh <>
jackson, ms usa -
I enjoyed your web site,I have lived in livermore since 1946 worked at coast manufacturing & supply which became hexcel corp. in 1969 I worked there 37.5 years retired in 1993.I have seen many changes in livermore some good and some not so good but it is a great place to live.
kenneth stewart <>
livermore, ca usa -
Visiting Livermore Last Feb. was a treat again. I am a former emplyoee of LLNL formerly LRL when I worked there I was at LLRL from Feb. of 1966 to Mar of 1970 was a great experience for me my family liked a little more room so we moved to Montana what a change that was.
Visiting Livermore Last Feb. was a treat again. I am a former emplyoee of LLNL formerly LRL when I worked there I was at LLRL from Feb. of 1966 to Mar of 1970 was a great experience for me my family liked a little more room so we moved to Montana what a change that was.
Visiting Livermore Last Feb. was a treat again. I am a former emplyoee of LLNL formerly LRL when I worked there I was at LLRL from Feb. of 1966 to Mar of 1970 was a great experience for me my family liked a little more room so we moved to Montana what a change that was.
Greetings to Barbara and Gary! Barbara served as a reference librarian in the Livermore Public Library during my years as a Page (likewise, my brother George Overturf). Gary Drummond's very handsome son, John, was my classmate throughout my years at 5th Street School. How very appropriate that you two are on the board of LHG. As a native of Livermore, I commend you for your dedication and service.
Kay Gilbert <>
Tracy, CA USA -
dana moffitt <mmoffitt@>
tracy, ca USA -
was very pleased with your web page. I think livermore is the greatest and your web page is very tastfully done. Keep up the great work. I'm sure you will update it with more pictures and up to date infor about all that goes own in our great little town.
fran engelke <>
livermore, ca use -
Thanks for the photos in the slide show. I'd like to see photos of Ravenswood, & the old Carnegie Brick Works if that's possible,too. Did you know we have sports connections here too? Max Baer,the boxer; current punter for the Kansas City Chiefs Louie Aguiar; current American League (Strikeout King) pitcher Randy Johnson; as well as former Cy Young Award winner Mark Davis (now with the Arizona Rattlers). So our sports heroes are part of our history, too.
Raymond L. Smith <>
Livermore, Ca USA -
I enjoyed the slide show. I think you should add some photos of the fire truck (and participants) from the Livermore Rodeo Parade.
Peter Powers <>
Dayton, OH USA -
What a fascinating site! I was amazed to learn of our connection with Jack London!
Liz Cox <>
Livermore, CA -
Just visted your website. I'm always interested in finding out about the local history of the area. It is nice to see that there is an organization out there that has put something on the Web. Keep up the good work.
Carolyn & Ramon
Hayward, CA -
Just visted your website. I'm always interested in finding out about the local history of the area. It is nice to see that there is an organization out there that has put something on the Web. Keep up the good work.
Carolyn & Ramon
Hayward, CA -
Hey, nice pictures! I've never seen the other side of the Duarte garage, I've only looked at it from the North "L" side of the building. Thanks for keeping the Heritage Guild up-to-date.
I am a 12th generation descendent of John Livermore who came to New England in 1630. I enjoyed visiting Livermore and seeing where another branch of the family in the US began. I studied at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey and got to travel a little while I was there. It's beautiful country, more tourists should get it a try!
Wayne Livermore <>
East Lynn, MA USA -
Will be moving to Livermore soon, nice to know you have an active association.
Ken Haskins
This was a nice visual site. I use to live ther and it brought back memories!!!!!!!!!
Janis Watson Smith <>
Oakhurst, ca USA -
Great Job. I hope others enjoy their virtual visit through Livermore too.
Roni Item <Livermore>
Hi. Glad to know you're there in the sun, like the pictures. Back in the UK the villages of Great Livermere and Little Livermere ( the probable origin of the name Livermore ) in the County of Suffolk are beautiful
Roger Livermore <106262,>
Manchester, UK -
I think you have a fantastic web site. keep up the good work.
san lorenzo, ca usa -
This is by far the best web page I have ever had the oppurtunity to browse. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.
Gurn Blanston
Syracuse, Ut US of A -
Great home page! I really enjoy sharing it with others.
Tim Sage <>
Livermore, Ca USA -
I enjoyed the slides!
Paul and Robyn Taylor
Clearfield, UT USA -
Great site! Hope to see it grow since there is so much more to see in Livermore.
Bob Green <>
Livermore, CA USA -
I enjoyed your Web Site.
Ogden, UT USA -
Very nice, indeed. We gope to see Livermore in the flesh again soon!
The McCormicks <>
Powder Springs, GA USA -
Nice change of pace from the many pages that only dazzle.
Jim Lemmons <>
Salt Lake City, UT USA -
Very nice web page. Makes me want to come to Livermore
Michael Stephens <>
Ogden, UT -
Ok, Ok, I like the pictures of Livermore. I was surprised how clear the pictures were. Just cut those trees down on the Carnigie Building.
Babs Gomez
San Leandro, CA USA -
Wendy, Great job! I really enjoyed looking back on Livermore. After all I was born and raised there. Looking forward to seeing more. Linda
Linda Pillard <>
Brooks, CA USA -
Nice slide show! I hear there's windy weather in Livermore, though, ...
Vancouver, WA USA -
Great slide show!
Clint Stephens <>
Escalante, UT USA -
Wonderful step into modern "history!"
Livermore, -
Great web site--liked the slide show.
Pleasanton, Ca USA -