LHG Auction for Year 2000
Another Great Success

The LHG annual auction for year 2000 was a great success! As in past years, the auction was held on Memorial Day weekend at the Duarte Lincoln Highway Garage (Portola and L Street in Livermore). Doors opened at 5 p.m. for previewing auction items. At 6 p.m. LHG volunteers began serving spaghetti dinners to auction attendees. The dinner hour always provides the opportunity to visit with old and new friends.

At 7 p.m. Lynn Owens began the auction with a reading of the following poem as a rememberance and tribute to all the men and women in our armed forces who sacrificed their lives to preserve the freedoms so cherished by their countrymen.


Remember me, America, for I was once your son
I fought and died at Valley Forge with General Washington;
I was there at Gettysburg on that tragic, tragic day
When brother fought against brother-the Blue against the Gray.

I rode with Teddy Roosevelt on the charge up San Juan Hill
Some came back to fight again-but I just lie there still,
I went to France with A.E.F. to bring the peace to you.
I'm still here at Pearl Harbor since that December seventh day of infamy.
Lying silently with shipmates on the U.S. S. Arizona at the bottom of the sea.

D-Day June 6th 1944, we hit the beaches of Normandy and
we fought up hill every inch of the way.
We routed the Germans and hurled them back
but what a terrible price we had to pay.

I served on a U.S. submarine, the bravest of the brave
Until a German depth charge gave us a watery grave
I bombed the Ploesti Oil fields, they blew with one big roar
But in the attack we were hit with flack-I'll never bomb anymore:

In Korea I heard the C.O. shout "we'll make it - I'm sure we will"
I lost my life to try and take a spot called Pork Chop Hill.
Vietnam! Vietnam! When will we learn
I'm one of sixty thousand who never will return.

I left my town, my wife, my kids, my home so cozy and warm
I was killed in a Scud attack in a war called--Desert Storm!
And so in my eternity my thoughts are all for thee
I'll never forget my America -- I pray she remembers me.

by John Dirusso
WWII A.F. Combat Veteran

Lynn and Randy get the auction rolling

Lynn auctions antique accordian being played by Bill


Beautiful 1920s Austrian chandelier for auction

Crowd eagerly awaits auctioneer's gavel signaling start of 2000 auction

Future auctioneers Emma and Lauren


See you at the next LHG Auction
in May, 2001!


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May 30, 2000
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