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October 2001 Vol XXXI No. 1
ALL MONTH: The Livermore Art Association and the Livermore Heritage Guild welcome visitors to their displays of Livermore history and original art works. Carnegie Bid. 2155 Third St., Livermore. Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 4 :00 p.m. Wed. through Sunday, Info: 449-9927
Thursday, October 11 @ 7 00 p.m,
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Bldg
Sunday, October 14 1890s costumed docents of the Ravenswood Progress League lead free tours of the more than 100 year old buildings and some of the 30 acres of grounds of Ravenswood Historic Site, 2647 Arroyo Road, Livermore. The Tank House Gift Shop, craft demonstrations, Victorian croquet, miniature horse and buggy rides are available. 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Info: 443-0218
REMINDER: It's that time again! Annual dues are due for everyone who is not a life member. You should have received a membership form last month.
Excerpted from Livermore Herald May 3, 1913
Plans to Disseminate News by Telephone
Company will launch new enterprise to be headed by assessor Horner
County Assessor C.F. Horner is the head of a new company which is preparing to inagurate an enterprise that will completely revolutionize the dissemination of news. It is in the shape of a telepone news

bureau It will not supplant newspapers for the reason that many people cannot afford such a service and many subscribers cannot remain in their offices or homes to receive the bulletins over the wire and the service will not be able to go into the detail that a newspaper does.

The outline schedule provides that at 8 o'clock in the morning the businessman at his breakfast may clasp the telephone receiver over his head and listen to a summary of all the morning news. About air hour later another summary is sent over the wires for the late sleepers, who may. if they prefer, listen to the dispatches while in bed. At 10 o'clock the market quotations from the east are to be given out, then at noon follows the market reports from the Pacific Coast cities. Almost every hour in the afternoon and evening the wires will carry the news fresh to the subscribers just as it comes from all parts of the World In addition there will be stories and talks for children in the evening, music, jokes, and other things that may be of iterest. Lectures and sermons can be sent almost simultaneously with their delivery to those who remain in their parlors.

The schedule further provides that one buzz on the news telephone will be the signal for the routine matter that is sent daily, two buzzes will mean that a happening of unusual importance is to be given out, and three buzzes will mean that something of extra importance, such as a disaster or assassination, is to be announced. In addition, special musical service is to be arranged for Sundays.

The company of which Mr. Horner is head has been conducting an exhibition in the H.C. Capwell Conrpany's store in Oakland. The management has announced no

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definite plans beyond the fact that it expects to cover Oakland and the interior of the county with its service within the next year. This company, or a similar one, is also planning a service for Sacramento and vicinity and for Stockton and the San Joaquin Valley.

The proposed news bureau, while an innovation here, has been in practical operation in a number of European cities

for several years past. Editors are employed to put the dispatches into readable and interesting form and professional readers spend several hours a day in reading to subscribers over the wire. In the local enterprise it is proiposed to employ mechanical reproducers instead of the readers.


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