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January 2001 Vol XXX No. 4
Thursday, January 11 @ 7:00 p.m.
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Bldg.
January 17 to February 28
"Love is in the Air", a Valentine challenge, is presented by the members of the Livermore Art Association Gallery. Unique valentines and paintings for viewing and purchase at the Carnegie Bldg.
Don't forget to buy your 2001 Heritage Guild Calendar.
This year's calendar features photographs by various
Livermore Photographers from the 1870s to today. This
is the first work that has ever been compiled of early
photographers in Livermore whose work you might find in
old family photo albums or local antique stores. It identifies
when they were in business and a brief history, Also
represented are photographers who have contributed to
documenting Livermore's more recent history. Cost: $8.50
Excerpted from Livermore Herald June 20,1914
Livermore Valley is Ideal Spot for Home
Bankers' Journal has Fine Descriptive Article in Special
A valley of homes not mere places to live, but homes that stick in your memory like beautiful, satisfying pictures.

Livermore Valley claims a distinction over any other part of the State as the ideal spot for a home.

Its climate is unsurpassed anywhere on the Pacific coast, neither too hot nor too cold, neither too damp nor too dry-just the golden mean that people are seeking.

Livermore Valley has a central location. Within a radius of fifty miles from Livermore are found the most populous centers of the State.

This makes it an ideal location for the factory or business that requires the supplying of a great number of pcople with the greatest dispatch or for the small farmer whose perishable products must find a ready, ample and convenient market.

Livermore Valley is traversed by two transcontinental railway systems, the Southern Pacific and the Western Pacific, and two cross-valley trolley lines are projected, both connecting the populous centers of population on the shores of San Francisco bay with the interior valleys of the State and will doubtless be in operation in 1916.

The soil is varied in character and adapted to a great variety of crops. The homemaker has a wide range of choice along which to direct his energies and experience.

A comfortable living is assured. Success and competence will be measured by the amount of intelligence and industry applied along any line selected. Farming, fruit growing or

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stock raising responds to intelligent effort and nowhere in the Golden West is conscientious labor more richly rewarded.

Land is still reasonable in price as compared with surrounding districts. Conditions generally warrant a careful investigation by the home seeker, the factor owner or anyone seeking anew location amid attractive surroundings.

There are hundreds of picturesque home sites in the adjoining foothills for the man of moderate means. The State highway connecting the magnificent Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys with the centers of population in the Oakland and bay districts has already been located through the Livermore Valley This means that the many thousands

of visitors to the Panama-Pacific Exposition will find their way to Livermore, Stockton, Sacramento and Fresno over this most beautiful scenic route.

Livermore is abreast of the times in educational facilities, the Livermore Union High School being the first school in the State established under the act of the Legislature.

Churches of nearly every denotruination are represented If you once get in touch with the cordial spirit of Livermore, once see the beautiful valley set in an amphitheatre of wooded hills fanned by the cooling breezes off the Pacific, once get in touch with the opportunities to "make a living and plus", there is no question as to the outcome. You will settle down and become a permanent Livermoreon.


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