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September 2000 Vol. XXIX No. 12
Sunday and Monday, September 3 & 4
Harvest Festival: Historymobile will be at Concannon Winery
Sunday, September 10th
Ravenswood estate public tours of the grounds
Thursday, September 14 (a) 7:00 p.m.
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Bldg.
We are enclosing membership renewal forms with this newsletter Please note on your label the date which your membership expires. Letters and dates later than 00 don't need to renew.
Reminder: Beginning Sept l, the LHG/Art Association will observe winter hours 11.30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
It's time for school again and as you know, we always tour third grade classes with the Historymobile. We also have classes visit the museum in the old Carnegie Library. The following letters were written by Mrs. Runge's third grade Students of Don Gaspar de Portola school in Livermore to Muriel Dean when their class visited the Livermore Heritage Guild (March 2000):
Dear Mrs Dean:
Thank you for teaching me. These are the thmgs l learned The building was named after Andrew Carnegie. Andrew donated money to build the Carnegie building. The Carnegie

building has a place that has books that you can't takeout. I learned that the Livermore Valley was named after Robert Livermore because he was a nice man. I saw a painting that was made with thread and paint. The Carnegie building also had a kindergarten classroom and a storage room.
From Jasmine

Dear Mrs. Dean:
Thank you for telling us the Library was named after Andew Carnegie. Also telling us in nineteen eleven Andrew donated money to the Carnegie building. And long time ago they had a sign that said welcome to Livermore also in 1822 Robert Livermore landed at Monterey and took up residency here.
From Ramzy

Dew Mrs Dean:
Thank you for telling us about the Carnegie Building Hiked all of the pictures that local artists drew I liked all of the old pictures of Livermore and other people. I didn't know it used to be a library, I didn't know it was so big inside. You must have a really fun job!!
From Daniel

Dear Mrs Dean:
We had a great time, These are some of the things I learned Andrew Carnegie donated money to build the first library in Livermore in the year 1911, Also Andrew founded the city of Livermore and named it after his best friend Robert Liveromere(sic). There is another reason Andrew named it after Robert Livermore because back then he was in a way famous. Down by First Street

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years ago, a sign hanged down that said Welcome to Livermore. In the childrens section a kindergarten class was taught in Livermore probably 22 years ago because there was not that many schools. Again thank you for letting us come
From Kayla

Dear Mrs Dean:
Thank you for telling us about Andrew J. Carnegie and Robert Livmore and the fountain. Thank you for the cool tour, it was Awesome.
From Chiis

Dear Mrs. Dean:
I love the picture of summer's day I liked the sundial it was outside. Does the old cast, register work? Come to our school and we'll give you a tour.
From Jacob

Dear Mrs. Dean
Thank You for telling us about the Carnegie Building. I learned a lot of thiigs and they are The downstairs room used to be Mrs. Trump's kindregarten. Another is the fountain was made in 1991 and the day the library was made in was July 4th 1911, 1 just rememberd one more! William M. founded Livermore and his best friend was Robert Livermore but he died and so William named Livermore after Robert Livermore. That is most of the things I learned.
Your friend, Kellie

Dear Mrs. Dean:
Thank you for letting room 6 come to the Carnegie building. I had a fun time at the park. Was that fountain a penny drop? I would want that fountain of yours. I would want to come over there again.
From Rohullah

Dear Mrs. Dean:
Here are some things you taught me. The person who made the Carnegie building was Andrew Carnegie, The man who founded Livermore named Livermore after Robert Livermore. It was really cheap for tax's back then. Thank you forgiving me a bookmark.
From Samuel

Dear Mrs. Dean:
I learned many things. Here are some of them. A person named our valley after Livermore. A person traveled to donate money to build libraries. The person was named Andrew J. Carnegie. They made a Carnegie in Reno but they bulldosered it down. The Carnegie building has tax books.
Thank you a lot, Armando

Dear Mrs. Dean
I liked the kids department and the pictures of the flowers. You were very nice.
Sincerely, Audrey


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November25, 2000