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June 2000 Vol. XXIX No. 9
Thursday, June 8 @ 7:00 p.m.
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Bldg.
Sunday, June 11 "Ravenswood Only" Art Show
Local artists portray Ravenswood historic site
11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Ravenswood Estate
This year's Annual Auction and Spaghetti Feed was one of the best the Guild has had in the past years. Total sales including dinners was over $5000! Auctioneer Lynn Owens and Randy Griffith did another wonderful job as auctioneers for the Guild. Lynn recited a touching poem in honor of all Veterans for Memorial Day. Thanks to everyone who made this event come together so smoothly.
Currently on display at the Carnegie Building is a black lace cape that belonged to Anada Soto Livermore. It was recently acquired on long term loan to the Guild from Robert Livermore's descendants.
Also at the Carnegie Bldg. is the Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway which was originally written in 1916. Included in this guide is a map of the entire Lincoln Highway system. Also available is a reprint of the Lincoln Highway circa 1935 which has the history of the Lincoln I Highway.

Excerpted from Livermore Herald, June 15, 1934

Show Greatest In History of West

Before packed grandstands, filled with the largest crowd which ever witnessed any event here, the 1934 Livermore Rodeo went into history Sunday aftemoon -- unquestionably the greatest western spectacle ever presented in California.

Records Broken

All records were broken as the largest crowd in the history of the show watched the greatest performance ever presented here -- famous throughout the west as the home of great spectacles.

Not only was the crowd Livermore's greatest, but it was the largest one-day audience for any annual Rodeo presented in the State. More than twelve thousand people cheered as the action-packed program produced thrill after thrill. Thousands lined the streets Saturday morning for the most elaborate parade ever presented in conjunction with a Rodeo. Thousands gathered at the Saturday afternoon show, the crowd swelled appreciably by children from all over the State, here as guests of the Rodeo management. And the Sunday crowd, completely filling the grandstand, had never before been equalled.

A financial report on the show will not be available for some time yet, as the settlement of the many accounts required considerable time.

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Reflections of M.R.H. (Maitland R. Henry)

Success has again crowned the efforts of Livermore in presenting its annual Rodeo, to a degree this year that all existing records were broken and new standards set as goals to exceed next year.

There were no exceptions to the success which was achieved, every single event on the celebration program pleasing the thousands who were here and attracting and holding their interest. But one achievement must be regarded as outstanding. When the entire grandstand was filled Sunday afternoon an ambition was realized toward which the Rodeo officials and everyone cooperating in putting on the show had been striving ever since the present seating capacity was created by the last additions made to the stands.

There had been big crowds in past years, the old grandstands had been filled, but never had there been a sellout since the additions had been made. But last

Sunday the riders and ropers performed before a capacity crowd and satisfaction reigned. Livermore is pardonably proud of the fact that this was the largest crowd which ever assembled in California to witness an annual Rodeo.

Next year the goal will be to repeat this year's success on Sunday and to build up Saturday's attendance to a point where it will provide two capacity crowds. With the reputation which has been established for high-class performance, good weather and an enjoyable time all around this is well within the realm of possibility and will be the earnest endeavor of the officials.

Success is a magic experience, one which creates enthusiasm and a willingness to go forward. Livermore Rodeo officials have overcome problems to achieve success and through their efforts have built wisely and strongly for the future.



"Dynamic Duo"
Lynn Owens and Randy Griffith


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November25, 2000