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April 2000 Vol. XXIX No. 7
Thursday, April 13 @ 7:00 p.m.
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Bldg.
Saturday, April 15 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cultural Fair/Spring Art Show, The Barn in Livermore Open to the public at no charge.
Live performances in the Barn include Livermore-Amador Symphony Assoc., Valley Dance Theatre, Student performers from Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District and Valley Choral Society
The Livermore Heritage Guild History mobile will also be there.
We are looking for donations for this year's LHG AUCTION. The auction will be upon us soon. Dontions of goods and services are greatly appreciated. All usable items will be accepted except books, clothing and furniture (unless considered antique). Unfortunately, computer equipment not working or more than 4 years old also cannot be accepted. Time to clean out those garages and let us help you dispose of those items that need a new home. Phone 449-9927 for pickup. This has been a fun event for everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the auction.

Excerpted from the Livermore Herald, June 15, 1934

Livermore Hails New Champion
Battering Primo Camera into submission after the greatest title fight of a decade, Max Baer last night brought the heavyweight championship of the world to Livermore.

Before fifty thousand berserk fans in the Long lsland bowl, the lad who started his career on a Livermore hog ranch pounded the largest man in fistiana's history to a helpless, staggering hulk-so terribly beaten that Referee Arthur Donavan had to stop the slaughter at the end of the eleventh round.

And there the Trail to the Title reached its pinnacle -- with a laughing happy hearted boy crowned king of all battlers. He grinned when the champion's vaunted left dug into his face, smiled when Carnera's elbow crashed his chin, laughed when his opponent tripped over his own feet.

Into defeat went Carnera -- totally unable to cope with the free-slugging battler who could drop him with every punch, able only to push ont an ineffective left and take a terrific battering -- but unquestionably the gamest champion that ever lost his crown.

Smashed to the floor before the first round was two minutes old, knocked into the ropes, dropped three times in the second, he still retained the dogged courage that enabled him to get off the floor and go back after Baer, always pushing out his left, always following the tormenter, always ready to match his fragile jaw against the dynamite in Baer's gloves. Even when the end was near, he refused to stay down -- refused to let Donavan bring merciful halt to the battering he was receiving. A champion in courage, if nothing else.

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Following the same battle plan that worked against Schmeling, Max went for a knockout in the first two rounds. He missed his objective but the punishment he dealt out took its toll. Then for seven rounds, Max allowed Primo to hold the offensive. A thousand left jabs brushed his face while he concentrated on savage body blows, with an occasional shot to the jaw. Slowly but surely the huge champion felt their effect.

Time and again Primo pushed out that left, easily finding Baer's head, but the force was gone and Max, contemptuous of the mechanical attack of the giant, conserved his punches, making each one count.

Then came the tenth -- Baer's lucky round. Carnera scored with his jab but Max drove lefts and rights to body and head three times Again Carnera stabbed the left, five times while Baer sought the opening that came.

A terrific left to the body draped Carnera on the ropes and another caused hirn to claim a foul, but Donavan shook his head and ordered the fight to go on. Primo was weakening and Baer, sensing his opportunity, poured rights and lefts in wild abandon. The giant staggered toward Baer's corner as the round ended with Max pleading with the referee to stop the fight.

For ten straight rounds, Max had made Carnera walk across the ring to start each encounter, forcing his big opponent to every possible bit of extra effort. He came out with a rush for the eleventh.

Carnera's face had swollen under the impact of Baer's wallops, Blood flowed from his nose. His legs were wobbling beneath his huge frame. But still he canme up to meet Baer's onslaught. A right diopped him but he was up at the count of one. Max was driving hard for the finish. Again and again, Primo was in the ropes, on the floor, still

striving to push out that left, still taking his beating with grim courage. The bell ended the round but neither knew it. Donavan pulled them apart, and did it again as they resumed fighting. He jerked Max over to his corner and raised his hand.

Max Bacr, of Livermore, California, had reached the goal he set five years ago. Max Baer, of Livermore, California, is the heavyweight champion of the world.

World's Champion


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