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March 1999 Vol. XXVIII No.6
Thursday, March 11th @ 7:00pm
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Building
Thursday, April 8 @ 7:00 pm
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Building
Saturday & Sunday, April 24 & 25
Livermore Art Association annual Spring Art Show at the Barn oil Pacific Avenue. Reception Saturday evening. Meet tile artists. Call 449-9927 for more information
Don't forget the annual Memorial Weekend LHG auction in May
We are looking for donations for this year's LHG AUCTION. The auction will be upon us Soon. Donations of goods and services are greatly appreciated. All usable items will be accepted except
books, clothing and furniture (unless considered antique). Unfortunately, computer equipment not working or more than 4 years old also can not be accepted. Time to clean out those garages and let us help you dispose of those items that need a new home. Phone 449-9927 for pickup. This has been a fun event for everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the auction!

CHECK OUR WEB PAGE AT http://www.lhg.org

Prior to the mid 1920's houses in Livermore were not numbered. You would refer to your residence by what street it was on and what it was next to or across from.
Excerpted from Herald & News, July 15,1927

Trustees Plan for Numbering of Houses

Another infornal discussion on house numbering was held by the town trustees at thieir meeting Monday evening with the result that plans were laid for an early consideration of tile improverment as soon as the street signs are in place.
Town Engineer, L.E.Wright, will prepare a map showing the number designations for the various blocks and Town Attorney M. J. Clark, will begin work on a house numbering ordinance. Numbering is the logical step to follow the signs and the trustees will be ready for the step as soon as the signs are erected.
It is planned to make First Street the dividing line for the north and south streets, numbers running in both directions from this central intersection. Owing to the diagonal manner in which Livermore Avenue (Lizzie Street) cuts through the south portion of town a problem is presented. their being a larger number of blocks west of the street at the southerly town limits than at the intersection with First Street. It has been proposed that some high figure, such as 1000, be arbitrarily given the block at the intersection of the

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two streets at the flagpole, permitting expansion to the east for ten blocks. Some of these are already laid out and the additional numbers would take care of possible growth.
These details are being given consideration and will have been definitely settled bythe time the signs are in place.
Excerpted from I Herald & News, February 8, 1929

Must Get Numbers

The town engineer was instructed to enforce the ordinance requiring house numbers. The council points out that tenants as well as owners are responsible for putting up the numbers. Persons who have not already secured the official number designated for their premises may do so by applying to Town Engineer L.E. Wright and Town Clerk Elmer G. Still at the town hall.

1927 ad for original Mally's

SPECIAL NOTE: A former Guild board member has lent us a collection of old cookbooks and Depression era kitchen gadgets. They are the start of an exhibit for Women's History Month on WOMEN'S WORK. There are modern non-traditional workers noted as well as the traditional home-bound women. It is an exhibit under construction, and will develop over the month to six weeks of its existence. Please stop at- the History ('enter to see it and to add ideas for it.


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