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June1999 Vol. XXVIII No. 9
Thursday, July 8 @ 7:00 pm
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Building
MThe Annual Fundraiser Auction was another big hit. We wish to give a special thanks to Lynn Owens and Randy Taylor for their time and efforts. We also want to thank all the LHG volunteers who made this auction happen. This year's auction brought in over $2,500 for the LHG which will be applied to the repainting of the Duarte Garage as soon as all the bids are in.
The Historymobile has been making the rounds in the last two months of the local third grade classes. The demand for the Historymobile by the local schools has increased every year. Many volunteers have been working hard to make this happen. Look for a report on this years "Tour De Third Grade" in our next newsletter.

Excerpted from Livermore Herald

February 27,1942


Local Plant Busy Manufacturing Wine Casks

First shipment of an order of twenty-five casks had been
delivered this week to the Roma Wine Company, Fresno, by the Livermore plant of the Canton Barrel and Bag Company.

The initial shipment was four oak casks, each having a capacity of 6,300 gallons. The total order will add more than 150,000 gallons of cooperage to the winery.
Paul F. Martia, superintendent at the local plant said the casks were among the first of that size to be constructed in California since resumption of wine making activities. Their capacity permits aging of wine in large quantities, obviating necessity for extensive blending to obtain uniform flavor.

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Has Become Leader

Concentrating on the use of oak for building tanks, casks, and barrels the Livermore plant has become a leader in the California field since its establishment here a year ago, While redwood tanks are generally acceptable for some phases of winery operations, oak is recognized as the best medium for proper aging and development of high quality wines.
The local plant has filled orders for cooperage totaling in excess of 250,000 gallons for the Cresta Blanca Winery here, which is now completing a huge expansion program. Included were ten tanks of 6,500 gallons each and 45 casks ranging from 1,800 to 3,500 gallons, together with more than a hundred reconstruction jobs on smaller sizes.
Expansion of the local plant would be immediately in prospect, Martia declared, if experienced coopers could be obtained. Lack of skilled workmen makes it impossible to handle all of the greatly increased volume of business resulting from the expansion in the wine business after imports were halted by the war. Material and supplies
present no problem, he said, in view of the huge stocks of seasoned oak, maintained here and at the Ohio plant of the firm, at his disposal.

Cresta Blanca Wine Storage Largest

Livermore Valley Winery's capacity of 1,500,000 gallons leads entire country, increasing its facilities from 200,000 gallons to 1,500,000 gallons has given the Cresta Blanca Winery the largest oaken storage capacity in the entire United States, Max Bartholomew, plant manager, announced this week.
Oak Essential
Purchase of oak casks and ovals with a capacity of 700,000 gallons has been made, oak being considered essential for storage purposes in aging fine wines, Bartholomew states. For racking, stabilizing and clarification of wines large redwood tanks have been installed. Oak and redwood cooperage at the winery is now about equal, Bartholomew said.
Plant Enlarged
The plant winery has been remodeled and enlarged since it was acquired last year by Schenley distillers for large scale operation.


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June 29, 1999
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