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January 1999 Vol. XXVIII No.4
Thursday, February 11th @ 7:00pm
LHG Meeting, Carnegie Building
Saturday, January 30th 9arn-2prri
Pre-Ground Hog Day Garage Sale
Highway Garage, Portola Ave, Livermore
The LHG Museum Fund is off to a great start! Thanks to the generosity of our members we have already received donations totaling $ 1700.00, including one anonymous donation of $ 1,000.00. Others who have donated are Judy Eckart, Mr/Mrs H.P. Fereira, George and Virgina Bing, Lyn and John Stein, Pedar Andersen and Tim Sage. We want to thank all of youforgiving the fund such a positive start! And to our anonymous donor a special thank you as well.
Pre-Ground Hog Day Garage Sale! The Guild will hold a garage sale the 30th of January, from 9 am to 2pm, at the Duarte Garage. Items left over from the auction as well as some new additions will be available at bargain prices. With the exception of a few special pieces that are set aside for the next auction, the goal is to empty the place to make room for the next batch of auction treasures. If you get a chance, stop by and brouse, you never know what you might find. Even if you don't find that special bargain stop by and say hello.
1999 Calendars are here!
Don't forget to pick up your 1999 LHG calendar at the Carnegie Library. This years calendar features pictures, both past and present, about getting around in Livermore. Once again the cover and back pages are done in color, making the calendar very eye catching. Thanks to the ever charming Anna Siig Drummond for her efforts in producing another great calendar!
We want to thank Dick Lerche for taking on the LHG web page responsibilities. Judging from the improvements Dick has already made, the page is going to become even more popular than it already has been. Dick has added more informative sections including one with copies of previous newsletters. One viewer of the page commented he spent an hour looking at the page and enjoyed every minute.

We've included some of the cornments left on the page from viewers which we thought you might find interesting- It is interesting that many people who check our page are former Livermore residents that want to visit their old home town via our web site. We are glad we can offer a friendly site where they can reminisce. We especially appreciate their comments when they visit. Perhaps we can incorporate a few more pictures of the town as it is today to make the tour from faraway places more complete.

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If you would like to respond to some of the email requests below left on our web page, I am sure they would enjoy hearing from you.

From The Web Page Guestbook
Class of 1952 LHS. After all these years, I still call Livermore home! Mom, Frances Faria, worked at Cresta Blanca Winery for 26 yrs. Step-dad, Ernest Faria, retired at Lawrence Radiation. My father, Earl Hughes, worked at the VA Hospital, and was also a very good furniture repair man. After I graduated, I married a young soldier stationed at Camp Parks. 46 years later, we have 4 children & 12 grand children. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers mom, dads or me. Sincerely, Sylvia Hughes [maiden name]
Sylvia Hughes <sylmar@mindspring.com>
I was very excited to find this info on Livermore, CA. I was born in Livermore in 1960 and graduated high school from LHS in 1979. My parents still live there and it is always a joy to come home and visit. Livermore is my home. I am proud to say I am from there. If anybody knows of the class of '79 reunion, please let me know. Loved visiting the site. More pictures please!
Steven R. Facer <rvsf@aol.com>
Long Beach, CA USA
We moved from the Bronx to Livermore in 1989 when I accepted a transfer within LSI Logic Corp. Somewhat of a cultural change! (In spite of its reputation, the Bronx is ripe with its own respectable history, which we explored while living there.) We and our five children really love it here, it's
a nice town for families. I spent time in the local library and heritage guild learning a bit about Livermore history. Another guestbook signer (from England) suggests "walk about" tours. I'd like to a] so suggest a road tour that could be printed Out and used to drive around Livermore and the surrounding hills. The map could contain numbers on it corresponding to descriptions of sights and historical events. I would be glad to help construct such a guide. Email me from the guild if you need volunteers. (12/25/98)
Fred Urrutia <fred@urrutia.com>
Livermore, CA USA -
My Mom, Alma Hughes, graduated from Livermore H.S around 195 1. Milt and Helen Hughes were my grandparents and owned Hughes Draperies in the 60's and 70's. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew them.
Mike Klis <michael.klis @gte.net>
San Jose, CA -
The more I travel the more I become convinced that Livermore is the best place on earth. Let's not take this treasure for granted! Thanks to the heritage (guild) for protecting the rich history of our area. I look for ward to joining it and moving back home.
Marc Chapuis <chapuis@hotmail.com>
Culver City, CA -
Thank you very much for the work you put into this site. I am a graduate of LHS and it's nice to visit, if only via modem. Thanks again
Christopher Byrne <Byrne30@ atc-enviro.com>
St. Louis, MO -


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