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April 1999 Vol. XXVIII No.7
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Saturday, May 29
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Excerpted from Livermore Herald & News, May 1, 1963
City Estimates Office Space Need for 2000
With the announcement that 36.5 acres of the 44.5 acre civic center site would tentatively be used for public buildings in the year 2000, the city staff released Monday a report oil expected space needs at the center proposed for the rodeo grounds.
The statistical information in the 17 page booklet will be used by consultants in drafting a long-range plan for development of the civic center site.

The public buildings tentatively designed to occupy the larger part of the site include governmental building, local agency offices, and recreational facilities. Allowing that 37 years will bring many changes in governmental structure and architectural design, the result may be requirements for more or less land, the plan says.

Also, the estimate is based on single story development while multi-story buildings would reduce the site coverage by 50 per cent.
The report states that the desirability of city acquisition of all or a portion. of the 4.5 acres located on the south side of the rodeo grounds, along South Livermore Avenue should not be overlooked. This land would provide more major street frontage and more flexibity in the civic center design.
If the staff's space allocation is found to be correct, more acres in the original site tract could be used for recreation facilities necessary for the creation of a major district park for the community.
The report states that a major consideration in the land allocation is whether the civic center shall be a one story or a two story "Generally the savings in cost of two Story versus one story construction is not significant." Good design frequently dictates the provision of more space between two story buildings, however. And, land space saved could be used for off street parking, parks or landscaping.

 Page 2

Assuming one story development, the city's office space needs range from 10,000 square feet of floor area on a one half acre site today, to a 53,000 square feet of floor area on a three and a half acre site by the year 2000. The plan adds that an additional acre will be required for a 30,000 square foot library building.
According to the report, an agreement between the city and the park district, 9.32 acres must be reserved for development by the park district for park and recreation purposes.
The park district has submitted a park plan which generally conforms to past city thinking relative to the civic center design. This design would be integrated into the overall civic center design.
Going farther, the report says that in accordance with an agreement between the city and the rodeo association, approximately nine acres should be reserved to provide a site for a stadium having a 5000 seat capacity. The report adds that the Sunken Gardens is considered the best potential location for this stadium.
The area also will contain acreage for a community office building, an auditorium, and a museum and historical bulding. The Cooperative Day Nursery, Livermore Art Association and the Council of Social Welfare are three groups which have indicated interest in the utilization of such space.
An estimated two acres is set aside by the report to be used as the community office building off street parking with necessary open areas. Five acres would be allocated for the construction of the exhibition hall and a 1,000 and 2,000 seat auditorium, concludes the report.
While neither the high school or elementary school hoards have officially indicated interest in administration offices at the civic center, the report states that about two acres would be enough room in event the districts are unified and there are no adjoining warehouses.
The report was designed to act as a compilation of data relative to area and building space requirements for the potential occupants of the site.
Most of the data was received in response to a questionnaire submitted to city department heads and letters sent to public agencies and organizations.


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