1998 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Livermore Heritage Guild. The Guild was started from the passion of a few local residents for our Valley's history and their desire to save Livermore's old train depot from imminent destruction. Throughout these twenty-five years the Livermore Heritage Guild museum's archives have grown to become the single largest source of Livermore history and memorabilia in existence. Our photo collection has grown to over 1200 items. The detailed index of Livermore's 124 years of local newspapers created by Barbara Bunshah is a remarkable historical reference. The Guild and museum have also been fortunate to be the recipients of several large private collections of Livermore memorabilia.

To celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary the Board of Directors of the Livermore Heritage Guild wanted to secure the future of the Guild and its archives for generations to come. Recognizing our current shortage of space and the inevitable growth of the collection, the Board thought it appropriate to create a fund dedicated to the sole intent of supporting a home for the collection.

This Museum Fund has two purposes: the first is the eventual purchase of an appropriate museum facility, and the second is to guarantee that in the interim there will be adequate funds to lease necessary facilities. Both these goals will be met by donations to The Museum Fund and fundraising drives.

The Board also felt it was important to make sure anyone contributing to the Museum Fund was assured the moneys would be used to secure the long term existence of the museum and its archives. Therefore, we felt it was important that any change to the intent or use of these funds must be unanimously approved by the Board of Directors at the time and not before notifying the general membership so it could voice opinions on the proposed changes. We feel the resolution published on the reverse side of this letter accomplishes those goals.

We recognize that the purchase of a permanent museum facility is an enormous goal. We know our initial contribution of $5,000 to this fund is but a drop in a very large bucket, but it is a start!

Twenty-five years ago the destruction of the Livermore train depot had already begun when several local citizens, some of them still members of the Heritage Guild today, decided to stand up and do what they felt was right. At that time their task was enormous. Today, the depot in many ways reflects not only the history but also the flavor of our downtown. It is the hope of this Board of Directors that in the future this resolution, and perhaps more important, its intent will be looked back on with similar pride and success.

The Board of Directors
Livermore Heritage Guild
December, 1998

Note: Contributions to the Museum Fund should be made out to the LHG Museum Fund, or they may be made out to the Livermore Heritage Guild or LHG and noted for the Museum Fund. The mailing address is: Livermore Heritage Guild, P.O. Box 961, Livermore, Ca 94551


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In order to meet the following goals of the Livermore Heritage Guild, to wit: (1) To provide a proper museum to house the artifacts and reference materials associated with Livermore's history and (2) To guarantee the existence within such a museum of adequate research facilities for future historians, the Board of Directors herewith establishes the Livermore Heritage Guild Museum Fund.

The Museum Fund shall be administered as follows:

A separate account will be established for the sole purpose of financing the lease or purchase of the Livermore Heritage Guild Museum. Monies, once deposited in account, cannot be removed except by vote of the Board of Directors and then only to be used to purchase an appropriate museum facility.

Once each year, however, the Treasurer may allocate, under direction of tile Board of Directors, up to 75% of each previous year's interest derived from the funds to be applied to lease payments on an interim site until a permanent site can be procured. Recognizing the growing need for museum space, the Guild may require multiple sites in the future, in which case the interest payments may be applied to multiple leases.

The Cottage and Duarte Garage currently leased from the city of Livermore, being self supporting, are separate from this agreement and no money from the Museum Fund may be used to support those facilities.

The Museum Fund will be established within 30 days of the signing of this resolution. The Board pledges $5000 as an initial contribution to the Museum Fund. From this day forward, any cash donation of $100 or more made to the Livermore Heritage Guild may be designated for this Museum Fund by the donor. Life Members of the Guild, at the time of payment of their dues, may elect to have their membership dues applied to this Museum Fund.

With the exception of the Life Memberships, dues, fees, and proceeds from the sale of publications collected by the Guild are normally not to be applied to this Museum Fund, but rather are general funds to be used as deemed appropriate by the Treasurer and Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will review the finances of the Guild a minimum of once each year to decide whether to make additional contributions from the general funds to this Museum Fund.

This signed resolution and its associated conditions may not be amended except by unanimous vote of the active Board of Directors. (Active board members are defined by the Bylaws of the Guild in effect at the time of the vote). The proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the Board a minimum of 45 days before any vote can be taken. Further, the proposed amendment and the time and place of the vote must be published in the Guild's newsletter and mailed to the membership a minimum of 21 days before the vote. Voting will be by secret ballot.


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January 26, 1999